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Membership in the USS Thetis Bay Association is open to former crewmen their families and friends and anyone interested in the exploits of this venerable ship of
the U.S. Navy. The membership fee is $25 per year due by 1 January. If attending, members normally pay at the annual reunion in September for the following year. Please refer to the Reunion page for current information about the next reunion. Information about Association activities is provided by the Association newsletter, published quarterly, and this Web site. Members may acquire a 3-4' section of flight deck planking for a $15.00 shipping fee.

Download application form in Word 97/2003 format

Download application form in PDF format

You may also contact Dennis "Doc" Moss, for an application via email, telephone at (320) 676-8940 or U. S. Mail at PO Box 65, Isle, MN 56342-0065


Flight deck plank

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