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The USS Thetis Bay, CVE-90 Association was first engineered and put into motion by Tom DeCarlo of Ironwood, Michigan in 1985 and through his conviction and dedication, the first reunion was held there in 1986, hosted by Tom.

At the fifth reunion in Portland, Oregon in 1990, the association was renamed to include all of the ship's active duty designations as USS Thetis Bay, CVE-90, CVHA-1, LPH-6 Association.

On October 17, 1990, the association was incorporated in the State of North Carolina as USS Thetis Bay, CVE-90, CVHA-1, LPH-6 Association, Incorporated. On January 22, 1991, the association was approved as a non-profit organization.

At the fifth reunion there were 29 shipmates. Since the decision to include the other two designations, CVHA-1 and LPH-6, we have grown to approximately 170 members.

We have not only grown in numbers but also in devotion and dedication to "CARRY ON" the traditions of the United States Navy and the USS Thetis Bay every year in honor of our service and our "Ship's Bell" ceremony in remembrance of our shipmates.

If you are interested in joining the association, please go to the Membership page.

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